Transform Policing While Addressing Rising Crime

It is past time to transform policing in Louisville, and in America. Too many people are dying, are arrested for nonviolent offenses, and are wrongfully targeted by law enforcement. We must address the long and challenging history LMPD has had with Louisvillians, especially Black Louisvillians. Tim is committed to standing up against aggressive policing practices, abuse, an absence of transparency, and cover-ups that have plagued this department and eroded public trust.

We must also address the epidemic of gun violence in Louisville. The statistics over the past year regarding violent crime have been heartbreaking and unacceptable. And although we have invested massive amounts of tax dollars into our police, we have also seen violent crime rates remain high. We need to rethink how we spend our tax dollars, and shift from massive spending on police to an investment in a shared vision of community safety that actually works.

One of this campaign’s goals is to aim to prevent crime by addressing the social determinants of health, including access to employment, education, healthcare, healthy food, environmentally safe living conditions, and mental health resources. We need to fund the people, first and foremost, and allow well-funded schools, community organizations, and programs to make the city a safe place for all. In short, we must invest in the people to allow for community-led change.