Support the Working Class

In addition to investing heavily in workforce development, placing renewed focus on education, and allowing for small businesses to thrive, Tim will bring a renewed focus to investing in our working class, which is the backbone of our city. Tim supports raising the minimum wage, expanding access to job training to our most vulnerable populations, and exploring the viability of a universal basic income to cover basic living costs.

The quickest way to alleviate poverty is to get money into peoples’ pockets. In order to do this, we must pay Louisvillians a living wage, give them access to a quality education, allow them to learn a skill set or trade, and eventually reinvest in their community. Poverty has proven to be cyclical and has held many in our community down for far too long. If people cannot access education, business loans, healthcare, or resources like technology, how can we expect cyclical, generational poverty to end? Tim wants to end this unnecessary cycle and give Louisvillians the support they need and deserve.