Repurpose Abandoned Properties and Vacant Lots

Louisville currently has thousands of empty, abandoned homes and vacant lots. Tim will mobilize a redevelopment movement with residents across Louisville by targeting homeownership sites to be redeveloped, enlisting legal and municipal assistance to clear titles and assemble parcels, and assigning funding for innovative, energy-efficient home development meeting the residential needs of 21st-century families. This will help combat the growing houselessness crisis as well as aid in providing stable housing for our citizens.

With so many abandoned and vacant properties around Louisville, we should be taking advantage of this available space and allowing for affordable housing and rental. This reinvestment and recycling of properties, when accompanied by Tim’s rapid re-housing initiative, will prove a remedy to rising houselesness rates. This will also coexist with Tim’s rent pricing protection and mortgage protection plans, ensuring nobody is forced out of their neighborhoods as property values increase.