Invest Heavily in Workforce Development

Tim envisions Louisville as a destination city, a thriving city, where young professionals want to visit, live, and work. Strong workforce development is about investment in training for jobs that exist today, forecasting training needs for the jobs of tomorrow, and continued investment in people to advance careers as technology and the economy revolutionize what employment looks like locally and nationally. This means we must rethink how we are currently spending tax dollars and reinvest in our people, so we are attracting and cultivating talent throughout all areas of our local economy.

To accomplish this, Tim plans to ensure that every JCPS graduate has access to a tuition-free, two-year college degree or specialized training. He plans to address high-need areas in our city and pay teachers more money to teach in these areas. Tim will champion increased funding and vendor/contractor opportunities for minority and women-owned businesses. He will also support organizations like New Legacy Reentry Corporation that are already doing the work of equipping formerly incarcerated, nonviolent offenders to economic stability through career access and entrepreneurship.

By allowing for small businesses to thrive while investing heavily in areas that have been chronically underfunded, we can end “opportunity deserts” around Louisville. This will make Louisville a more attractive city for outside investment and, at the same time, allow for native Louisvillians to have pathways to success by removing barriers that are unnecessarily in place.