End Houselessness in Louisville

Tim’s vision to fix our growing houselessness crisis is through something called “rapid re-housing”. It provides short-term rental assistance and services to those dealing with houselessness. The goals are to help people obtain housing quickly, increase self-sufficiency, and stay housed. It is offered without preconditions (such as employment, income, or sobriety) and the resources and services provided will be tailored to the needs of the person. This will allow people the opportunity to get their lives on track through humane policies focusing on the inherent value of all human life, without exception.

The Kentucky Coalition Against Domestic Violence has implemented this strategy across the Commonwealth for survivors of domestic abuse. Tim’s plan is to build off of this framework, and apply it to Louisville in order to curb our houselessness crisis. Tim will work with community partners such as landlords and non-profits to identify available housing, match participants to open housing, help with rent and move-in assistance, and connect participants to resources needed to ensure housing stability. The end goal is to completely eradicate houselessness in our city.