Champion a Green New Deal

Louisville can and should be a leader in using clean energy to boost our local economy while also fighting against climate change. Tim will look for paths to support clean-energy industries and their potential to create high-paying jobs, leverage renewable technologies within Metro Government and throughout the city, build energy-efficient infrastructure and housing, and address environmental injustice. Louisville must combat against, and be prepared for, a changing climate.

In addition to championing greener energy infrastructure in Louisville, Tim plans to address the environmental racism present in the city. Studies show that the air and soil in west Louisville, a majority Black area of Louisville, is regularly ranked among the worst of any American city. People in west Louisville, on average, are dying 10 years earlier than Louisvillians living elsewhere, and environmental racism is a clear cause of this. Proximity to industry in west Louisville is linked to higher blood pressure, cancer, COPD, and asthma. Industry pollution predominantly in west, but also south Louisville, remains unacceptably high.

This is an issue that has gone unaddressed in Louisville for far too long. It is time to curb industry emissions in our vulnerable communities, and all around our city. Tim will place stricter regulations on industry emissions in Louisville, and work to make sure the environmental racism in west and south Louisville is addressed. Tim will work with leaders and community organizations like Rubbertown Emergency ACTion that are already doing the work to address these injustices. Their voices will be heard and valued under Tim’s leadership.