All-in-One Education

Tim will work alongside the JCPS Superintendent and our teachers, identifying areas in which the city can provide more innovative and equitable investment into JCPS. As Kentucky’s largest public school system, Tim believes JCPS can serve as a beacon of revolutionized public education in the 21st century, modeled after the best school systems not just around the country, but around the world. Tim’s goal is to ensure every student receives a quality education from a teacher who feels wholly supported, and is then able to thrive into postsecondary education, entrepreneurship, a vocational trade, or any other pathway to career success.

More specifically, Tim plans to raise the salaries of teachers in general, as well as in high-need areas, and invest in “Readiness for Kindergarten Initiatives” to help close achievement gaps. He plans to ensure all children and their families have access to technology, internet, and technical assistance for support. He will advocate for smaller classes, and invest in additional resources — like working alongside Simmons College of Kentucky to recruit more teachers, particularly Black teachers — to make smaller classes a reality. He plans to give greater access to nursing and mental health resources in schools, as well as remove School Resource Officers (SROs), to better focus on the development of the whole child.

In addition, Tim plans to fully support Evolve502 to ensure that every JCPS graduate has access to a tuition-free, two-year college degree or specialized training. He also will continue supporting 15,000 Degrees and 55,000 Degrees in their work toward closing our city’s achievement gaps.